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Method of Restoring to OEM Specification

These Cracks and Flaws are properly prepped and repaired by our ABB welding Robot or In House boilermakers depending where the weld is situated on the screen.. We do pride ourselves in doing the preparation properly to achieve above outstanding results for long lasting results much the same as what you would get with a brand new manufactured screen. If necessary and requested then Metal fatigue are tested and identified at an approved testing facility at an additional cost.

Sandblasting and assessing damage before repair.

NDT Crack detection done on all crucial parts on screen where wear normally starts causing headaches for the end users.....

Preperation and coating with Assembling

After repairs has been done, the assembly takes place all with new bolts. Primer is applied to screen prepped surfaces after being cleaned with grease stripping solvent.....

Final Corrotion Resistant Coating

After complete assembly and priming, the complete screen will be applied with a special corrosion coating depending on what area the screen is being used......

Proper torque technique is applied on all bolts as per OEM spec and in the right sequence to avoid unnecessary stresses on Screen steel structure.

Quality and Assurance

End results will be signed off by our quality department after being carefully inspected and documentation was verified that all necessary checks were done and carried out prior and during preparation and assembly.

We only use our own special blend of Urethanes and Epoxy whichever is required by our customers. Quality and assurance is ensured to meet or exceed the best standards in the industry.



Prothane Industrial offers you a full range of vibratory screening and feeding equipment with wear resistant coatings and refurbishment. We are able to assist you with custom projects that ensure that your specific needs are met and you will only receive the best top products that has stood the test of time. From specialised feeders to large, horizontal screens, we deliver a coating that are destined to last. From concept to fabrication; commissioning to after sales service, your production capacity is our number one concern. Take a look at the following photos to get an idea of work that we have successfully done for plants with huge success and customer satisfaction.



Prothane Industrial cc has invented yet another fantastic product to help you pro long your operation on the mill and yet helping you minimising your valuable downtime which we all know accounts to decreased production and profit.