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Since 2013

Prothane Industrial CC

Prothane Industrial specializes in the manufacture of polyurethane moulded products, application of wear and corrosion protective coatings and

rubber lining. Including fabrication and manufacturing as required for the mining, agricultural and general industry.

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Method 0f Restoring

To OEM Specification

These Cracks and Flaws are properly prepped and repaired by our ABB welding Robot or In House boilermakers depending where the weld is situated on the screen..

We do pride ourselves in doing the preparation properly to achieve above outstanding results for long lasting results much the same as what you would get with a brand new manufactured screen.

If necessary and requested then Metal fatigue are tested and identified at an approved testing facility at an additional cost.

We only use our own special blend of Urethanes and Epoxy whichever
is required by our customers. Quality and assurance is ensured to meet
or exceed the best standards in the industry.



Prothane Industrial offers you a full range of vibratory screening and feeding equipment with wear resistant coatings and refurbishment.
We are able to assist you with custom projects that ensure that your specific needs are met and you will only receive the best top products that has stood the test of time.

From specialised feeders to large, horizontal screens, we deliver a coating that are destined to last. From concept to fabrication, commissioning to after sales service, your production capacity is our number one concern.

Take a look at the following photos to get an idea of work that we have successfully done for plants with huge success and customer satisfaction.
Screens are ussually rusted and in poor condition.






Prothane industrial provides an alternative to traditional mill shell lining of rubber. Our polycombo system is machine applied with dual component high pressure spray equipment to permit the continuous application of different polymers to yield a waterproof, non-absorbent impermeable and wear resistant lining which is seamless with no joints or interlaminar gluing

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Prothane Industrial cc has invented yet another fantastic product to help you pro long your operation on the mill and yet helping you minimising your valuable downtime which we all know accounts to decreased production and profit.

One specific plant approached Prothane Industrial explaining the situation of how much material and water is wasted through failing inlet seal arrangement on hopper to mill and caused ingress into their Mill Bearing which was costing the plant a pretty penny every time this bearing failed because of dirt ingress caused by old seal. They asked if we could design a tailor made solution to remedy this problem they had for a very long time.

Also because of an existing seal failure they did not only have a Bearing failure, but also the hopper’s Throat bush starting to wear prematurely on the outside in conjunction with the material wear that was happening on the inside. This situated proved to be very costly to the mine when bearing needed to be replaced everytime.

New Seal Arrangement Designed and manufactured by Prothane Industrial Prothane Industrial went ahead after this survey and started designing what would be the ultimate seal that should do the job of keeping what’s inside and outside apart and protecting the area around inlet making it cleaner and safer.

Over several months after the installation of the sealing arrangement Prothane Industrial performed several site visits to follow up on the condition of the sealing arrangement. Over the course of the 6 months in operation of the sealing arrangement Prothane Industrial has managed to succeed in resolving all the issues that the mine has had. The leaking of material onto the Mill bearing has been remedied. The wear on the external surface of the throatbush has been eliminated.


The castex system is a seamless elastomer lining integrated with a a flange that can be customised to customer requirements. An added benefit of Castex is that the system is UV stable and can be stored outside with full sun with no subsequent degradation.